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Lifetime Warranty | Free U.S. Shipping Lifetime Warranty | Free U.S. Shipping
  • Athletic Movement and Muscle Recovery Technology | Ekrin Athletics
    Athletic Movement and Muscle Recovery Technology | Ekrin Athletics
  • Athletic Movement and Muscle Recovery Technology | Ekrin Athletics
    Athletic Movement and Muscle Recovery Technology | Ekrin Athletics
    4.8 (900+ reviews)

Recover Faster
Feel Better
Anytime, Anywhere

Melt away tension, release muscle knots, and revitalize tired muscles with Ekrin Athletics

  • “...Make no mistake: this brand is raising standards..”

  • “It also comes with a lifetime warranty - the best coverage we’ve encountered”

  • “One of the most comfortable massage guns to use”

  • “There’s a lot to love about Ekrin Athletic’s massage guns.”

  • “...Increase your range of motion as well as enhance muscular flexibility.”

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More power and control. Our best product yet.

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  • The benchmark in percussive therapy. Premium design, versatility and balance.

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  • Convenient portability with big power. Ultra small and lightweight.

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  • Our most ergonomic device yet. Thin handle and lightweight for easy use.

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  • Elite performance the pros demand. Quiet treatment with professional-grade power.

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Thor. James Bond. Star wars. Batman. The coolest man in Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth’s stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton, boasts the coolest resume in Hollywood. From Thor, to James Bond, to Batman - learn how Ekrin Athletics helps Bobby stay in tip-top shape while on set

Why choose Ekrin

  • Premium Quality, Guaranteed

    Premium Quality, Guaranteed

    Crafted for durability. Backed up by a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Cutting-Edge Tech

    Cutting-Edge Tech

    Brushless motors, ergonomic design, and custom-designed attachments

  • Unbeatable Value

    Unbeatable Value

    Premium materials and elite performance without the inflated price.

  • Proven Performance

    Proven Performance

    Tested and recommended by trusted publications, professional athletes, medical professionals and thousands of satisfied customers


Trusted by doctors & physical therapists

  • Dr. Kati Schwabe - Schwabe Chiropractic
    Schwabe Chiropractic Dr. Kati Schwabe

    "Ekrin helps to aid recovery and keep You moving. I especially appreciate that Ekrin has options for those with more sensitive tissues and bodies.

  • Ryan Wilkerson - Phoenix Physical Therapy
    Phoenix Physical Therapy Ryan Wilkerson

    “The Ekrin B37 is the best that I have found. Not only do I use one personally, but it gets plenty of use in my outpatient practice and I’ve noticed good results with patients as well. Highly recommended!”

  • Balance Chiro and Rehab - Dr. Dani Engle
    Dr. Dani Engle Balance Chiro and Rehab

    "I LOVE using the B37 prior to treatment, as a lot of my patients feel it's less intense than manual muscle work. It makes for easier adjustments and the results are immediate!"

  • Nathan Click, PT, MSPT - TherapySouth
    TherapySouth Nathan Click, PT, MSPT

    “I am always looking for the best devices for our PT’s to use in the clinic. I am really excited to get more Ekrin devices out to our clinics and I'm confident that many patients will be interested in purchasing as well.”

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