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Massage Therapy Isn't Just For Athletes: Improve Recovery At Any Age

While many people tend to become less active as they age, this doesn’t mean maintaining our physical health becomes any less important later in life. Keeping fit is essential for all age groups; in fact, it may be most vital for older adults, who are more susceptible to injury and chronic health conditions. 

Tim Minnick, an 81-year-old personal trainer who recently broke the world record for the oldest fitness instructor, is living proof that age doesn’t have to stop you from staying fit (Atwal, 2024). Even so, there’s no denying that it takes longer for our bodies to recover from stress and injury as we get older. Fortunately, fitness tools like massage guns can help support the recovery process. With regular use of a massage gun, people of all ages can experience the mental and physical benefits of percussive therapy, allowing them to stay healthy at any activity level. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy for All Ages

Massage guns are a fantastic tool for improving both mental and physical health. Whether you live a very active lifestyle or a more sedentary one, massage gun therapy can help improve circulation, increase mobility, relieve aches and pains, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety (Saranac Village, 2023). You should always consult your doctor before using a massage gun, especially if you’re over the age of 65 or have any preexisting health conditions, as incorrect usage of a massage gun could lead to injury. Your physician can best instruct you on how to use your device safely.

That said, let’s explore each of these benefits to see how massage guns can help support your unique needs!

  • Improves Blood Flow
  • One benefit of massage gun therapy is its effect on circulation. The swift, repetitive motions of a massage gun stimulate blood flow by relaxing the muscles of the arterial blood system, which means blood, nutrients, and oxygen are delivered to each area of the body more effectively. These nutrients and oxygen aid in tissue repair, helping you recover faster from physical activity and body aches. 

    If you wish to improve circulation in a particular part of your body, you can do so by targeting that area with your massage gun. Or, to improve overall circulation, try a full-body massage (Petersen, 2023).

  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Massage gun therapy can also increase mobility by extending your range of motion. When your muscles are tight, your range of motion is restricted. Poor range of motion can lead to serious injury, which is why many athletes use massage guns to warm up before engaging in any intense physical activity. 

    But tight muscles afflict everyone, not just athletes. Older adults especially deal with more mobility issues as they age, and this can increase the chance of injury, even when doing basic household tasks. By stimulating your muscles, massage guns loosen the fascia (thin pieces of tissue that wrap around your muscles and joints) enough to relieve muscle tension and expand your range of motion, thereby reducing the risk of injury (Homedics, n.d.).

  • Reduces Joint Pain and Inflammation
  • Massage gun therapy is also known to reduce inflammation in the joints, which is often associated with pain and stiffness. As massage guns can stimulate circulation, they are an excellent tool for relieving stiffness in the body. 

    Arthritis — painful stiffness and swelling of the joints — is a condition that many older adults deal with. Research has shown that massage gun therapy is effective for managing arthritis symptoms. When using a massage gun to treat arthritis, professionals recommend developing a consistent routine, starting with a low intensity and working up over time, and consulting your doctor for usage recommendations (beatXP, 2023).

  • Alleviates Stress 
  • Massage gun therapy can also help to relieve stress and anxiety. Chronic stress is linked to physical and psychological health conditions that can impact your long-term well-being and lower your quality of life (Mayo Clinic, 2023). Regular use of a massage gun can decrease chronic stress by reducing levels of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Additionally, massage guns stimulate the release of endorphins, which are hormones known to relieve pain and stress. Endorphins have also been shown to promote healthy sleep cycles, making you feel more well-rested and alert throughout the day. 

    Overall, massage gun therapy relaxes the nervous system, which helps regulate hormone production. While levels of stress-related hormones like insulin and cortisol decrease, levels of “feel-good” hormones like serotonin and endorphins increase, resulting in improved digestion, relaxed muscles, reduced pain sensitivity, and improved mood (Medcursor, 2023; UCLA Health, 2022).

    Massage gun therapy helps athletes reach their peak performance, but it also helps people of all ages improve their general well-being. As percussive therapy becomes increasingly widespread, more people are turning to massage guns to supplement their daily fitness routines. If you’ve been looking to elevate your mental and physical wellness, now’s the time. Try out one of Ekrin’s massage guns today and see for yourself how percussive therapy can support your active lifestyle. 

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