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You Probably Don’t Need That $600 Massage Gun

Runner warming up with a massage gun

Massage guns are everywhere. Over the last few years, dozens, if not hundreds, of different muscle massagers exploded onto the percussive therapy market -- leaving consumers with serious decision fatigue.

Athletic woman massaging her muscles with a massage gun outside on grass

How are you supposed to choose which massage gun to buy when so many brands are competing for your dollar? In a market brimming with options, it’s up to you to do your research before clicking the buy button. Many buyers make the mistake of going with the most expensive option because money tends to indicate value. This is true not just for massage guns, but for TVs, cell phones, handbags, cars, and tons of other items.

But in truth, money isn’t always an accurate indicator of the best value out there. Consider sportswear and athleisure: Chances are, a cotton T-shirt from Target will work the same as a cotton T-shirt from Nike or Adidas. But the latter two cost more, just because they can.

With that in mind, here’s everything you should look for in a massage gun -- a top-dollar ticket not being one.  

Quality Materials

Since you’re likely to use a massage gun before, during, or after workouts, look for materials that support those scenarios. For example, Ekrin Athletics massage guns are built with soft-touch materials that feel smooth and comfortable in your hand — but at the same time, the soft-touch handle is sweat- and moisture-resistant. Look also for industrial-grade metals, which indicates that your muscle massager will be your workout recovery buddy for the long haul. 

Built with Purpose

Before you buy a massage gun, take the time to get familiar with percussive therapy terminology. Understanding terms like “repetitions per minute (RPM)” and “variable frequency” will help you put your money in the right place.

Here are the main terms we use at Ekrin Athletics, and the ones we think should inform your purchasing decision:  

  • Repetitions per minute: How many times per minute the massage gun penetrates your muscle fibers. The lower the RPMS, the softer the massage feels, and vice versa. A good muscle massager will feature a range of different speeds to accommodate varying levels of soreness.
  • Variable frequency: Can the massage gun change speeds without changing settings? Alternating speeds helps prevent a plateau in recovery.
  • Decibels: How loud the massage gun is. You’ll probably want something no louder than 60 decibels. 
  • Battery life: The longer, the better! Six to eight hours is a good range that will last several sessions. 
  • Intelligent stop: The massage gun will automatically shut off for safety after a certain period of time.


The Best Value For You

Of course, everyone’s looking for a good deal on the best products. That’s why we’re proud to offer our lineup of percussive massage guns at price points we think are fair for the everyday athlete – because the pros aren’t the only ones who need muscle recovery! Ekrin Athletics percussive therapy devices range from $160 to $330. The quality is there, but the sticker shock is not.

We’re proud of what we’ve created at Ekrin Athletics. Between our B37, B37S and BANTAM, we truly believe we have a massage gun for all budgets without skimping on quality. Compare massage gun models to find the right pick for you. 

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Written by Ekrin Athletics Staff