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DIY Tips for Soothing Back Pain

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Back pain can really suck the fun out of life. Daily obligations feel more difficult and fun activities don’t bring the same joy. Heck, just getting out of bed is a battle. You owe it to yourself to get rid of back pain, or at least manage it! These five remedies for back pain will revitalize you and bring back your excitement for everyday life. And the best part? They’re all totally DIY tips.  

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Scientists have proven massage therapy to be effective for reducing muscle soreness, and deep tissue massage specifically may be especially helpful for lower back pain.

With a percussive massage gun, you can get a deep tissue massage for low back pain without ever visiting a massage parlor. For example, the Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun sends up to 56 pounds of force deep into your muscles, at speeds up to 3200 percussions per minute.

Researchers have found this type of therapy to potentially be a preventative mechanism for exercise-induced muscle soreness, so if your back pain largely results from workouts, percussive massage may be the best route for you. 

Foam rolling is probably second to percussive massage in terms of muscle recovery and soothing back pain. Also called self-myofascial release, foam rolling is also a type of massage, but doesn’t reach deep tissue targets like percussive massage therapy does. While percussive massage devices like the B37 mimic deep tissue massage, foam rollers mimic therapeutic massage — still incredibly soothing, and perhaps best for days when your back is in more pain than usual.

Holding the blue ice pack on the painful lower back

Improve circulation with heat to relax back muscles, while cold treatment reduces inflammation to help relieve pain

Heat therapy and cold therapy are two more scientifically proven tactics for reducing back pain. Applying heat to sore muscles is known to soothe pain by way of increased blood flow to the painful area. Improved circulation helps “open up” tight muscles and allow them to relax. If you have an actual injury, such as a muscle strain, don’t use heat therapy. Direct heat application can increase inflammation around the injury and make it worse.

Cold therapy, on the other hand, can soothe back pain by restricting blood flow. When you apply cold temperatures to an injury or tender spot, you may reduce inflammation and swelling in the area, which typically relieves pain. Plus, if it’s cold enough, the numbing effect will temporarily eliminate pain.  

The best way to relieve back pain for good is to keep your core strong. Research shows that core strength training can alleviate symptoms in people who have chronic low back pain, and that a core strengthening program is even more effective at alleviating low back pain than traditional physical therapy (but you should definitely consider seeing a physical therapist if your back pain impedes your daily activities).  

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Increasing core strength and regular stretching can help contribute to reduced back pain

Tight muscles can cause lower back pain because they tug at your joints and contribute to poor posture. For example, tight hip flexors are a common cause of lower back pain. Tight hip flexors can cause an anterior pelvic tilt, a condition characterized by a chronic low-back arch and downward-facing hips. Prioritizing joint mobility and muscle flexibility can relieve low back pain for the long-term. Although it’s not a quick process, it’ll be worth it when your chronic back pain lets up.

Ultimately, the best way to soothe back pain is whatever works best for you. You might find success with deep tissue massage for lower back pain; you might find that you love using a heated blanket; or you might find stretching to be the antidote to your back pain. In any case, it’s worth experimenting with remedies for back pain. 

Written by Ekrin Athletics Staff