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Relieve Stress and Sleep Better With Percussive Therapy

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Everyone knows what it feels like to be sleep-deprived. After a few restless nights, you’re cranky. Every little thing sets you off — spilling your coffee would result in a blood-curdling screech and your significant other doesn’t dare mention that thing they need you to take care of.

Not to mention, sleep deprivation can cause you to make poor food choices, skip your workouts, make mistakes at work, and experience a severe lack of focus. Over time, consistent sleeplessness can lead to a host of health issues, including skin problems, digestive upset, chronic stress, and much more.

The first step to getting better sleep is figuring out why you can’t sleep. If stress, aches, or pain contribute to your lack of shuteye, we’ve got a solution for you.  

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There are a multitude of potential culprits behind sleepless nights. Many people miss out on precious sleep due to health conditions, prescription medications that keep them up, stress, anxiety, work or family obligations, aches, and more.

If you find yourself tossing and turning most (or all) nights, you should definitely check in with your doctor, but you should also know that there’s a completely drug-free tactic for improving sleep quality and duration — particularly if stress and soreness are your main sleep inhibitors.

The technology we’re referring to can zap stress, relieve pain, and induce sleepiness in just a few moments. Use it every night, and you’ll be amazed at the improvements in your sleep.

Okay, we’ll spill: This hidden gem for better sleep is percussive massage. 

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Percussive massage is a type of soft tissue manipulation therapy. It takes the best of massage therapy and bundles it up into one powerful handheld device. Percussive massage guns work by sending force deep into your muscle fibers, breaking up internal adhesions (muscle knots) and increasing blood flow to tight areas.

Massage guns can reach speeds upward of 3,200 repetitions per minute (RPM) and deliver up to 60 pounds of force. Devices with multiple massage attachments and ergonomic handles make it easy to target all muscle groups for better sleep.

Athletic woman using Ekrin B37 massage gun on a white couch

Improve circulation with heat to relax back muscles, while cold treatment reduces inflammation to help relieve pain

You might be wondering, “Well, wouldn’t a device like that be loud?”. We totally understand — it seems impossible to pack so much power into such a small device without sacrificing your eardrums. But, Ekrin Athletics’ proprietary technology allows for optimal power and pressure with none of the ruckus.

Whisper-quiet, the Ekrin Athletics B37 or B37S percussive massage gun will lull you to sleep by soothing stress and body aches before bedtime.  

We recommend using the Ekrin B37 or B37S for up to 15 minutes (or up to two minutes on each muscle group you want to target) before bed to help improve your sleep. If your sole goal is to get better sleep, try using the lower settings. Slower speeds with less impact may feel more soothing than higher speeds with more impact — although the latter is great for post-workout recovery or pre-workout mobilization.

You can add the B37 or B37S into any part of your nighttime routine. We think a great time to use it is just before crawling into bed, after you’ve already brushed your teeth and put on your pajamas. That way, a little bit of self-care is the last thing you do before drifting off to dreamland.  

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Increasing core strength and regular stretching can help contribute to reduced back pain

This article is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended for use as medical or health advice. For any and all health concerns or conditions, please talk to your doctor.  

Written by Ekrin Athletics Staff


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