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promote muscle recovery

stimulate circulation, Remove Lactic Acid, and improve muscle soreness recovery time with the b37 percussion massager

B37 Percussion Massager
B37 Percussion Massager
B37 Percussion Massager
B37 Percussion Massager
B37 Percussion Massager
B37 Percussion Massager
B37 Percussion Massager

B37 Percussion Massager

  •  Delivers up to 56 lbs. of force at 3200 RPM to provide deep muscle treatment.  The B37 impacts muscle with a combination perfectly calibrated for massage therapy benefits.
  •  Our ergonomic design allows for multiple grip positions, maximum leverage, and ultimate reach.  Built with quality soft-touch materials and a slip-free silicone grip, you'll never want to put your B37 down!
  •  Take your massage treatment anywhere you go.  Our lightweight design, long lasting battery, and custom travel case make the B37 the perfect road companion.
  •  The B37 includes 4 attachments to cover all your needs.  Easily swap out attachments to massage trigger points, back, IT bands, or speed up leg day recovery. 
To help prevent injury massage the muscles before working out using the Ekrin B37
Discover the back massage benefits when using the Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager
Use the Ekrin B37 to reduce muscle soreness after massage


Deep powerful percussive strokes promote muscle recovery and performance.


15° angled handle provides three grip positions for maximum reach & power.


Dual purpose speed settings allow for percussion therapy and rapid massage.

5 speeds

1400 RPM

Release Tension 

1800 RPM

Recovery + Flexibility

2200 RPM

Deep Massage

2600 RPM

Relax Fatigued Muscles

3200 RPM

Activate or "Wake Up" Muscles

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Massage Therapy benefits

Rapid, repetitive strokes compress muscles with our scientifically calibrated speed and depth. The result is deep muscle treatment from percussive force.

Our unique 5 speed tuning and lightweight, ergonomic design make the B37 the best way to recover after workout.

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