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What Is a Mini Massager Device?

Small but powerful, mini massage guns are perfect for on-the-go athletes.

Woman at her desk massaging sore muscles with an ekrin athletics b37 massage gun


They say great things come in small packages — or something like that. Whoever “they” are, they were right about percussive massage guns. You might look at a mini massager and say there’s no way it’s as powerful as a full-sized percussive device.

These little guys deserve some respect, though. Before you count them out, take a look at the benefits of small and portable massage guns and who they’re best for.  

Mini massage gun benefits

The main benefit of mini massager devices is that they’re phenomenally portable. While most full-sized massage guns can fit into backpacks and small duffels, you can create even more space for other important items by opting for a fun-sized massage gun.

The lightweight design has benefits beyond travel, though. Because mini massager devices are so small -- and often more ergonomic than their full-sized counterparts -- they’re a good choice for people who struggle to support the weight of larger massage guns.

For example, those with achy joints from arthritis or tender muscles from fibromyalgia will have an easier time using a mini massage gun over a larger one. The small size makes it easier to hoist the device up and use it in hard-to-reach places, like the upper back.  

Collage showing muscle pain at several part of body

Who should get a mini massage gun? 

A portable percussive device is a good choice for: 

  • Busy professionals who travel often
  • Outdoor adventurers who often go hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, or on any other strenuous escapade
  • Exercisers who go straight from work to the gym 
  • Student athletes who spend all day on campus 
  • Older adults who need a lightweight device  
  • Anyone who wants an affordable massage gun but doesn’t want to compromise on quality

Are mini massagers as good as full-size massage guns? 

Mini massage devices can certainly be just as effective as full-sized massage devices. It’s all about the specs and features, regardless of the size of the device. When researching mini massage guns, keep the following characteristics in mind:  

  • Speeds: A high-quality small massage gun will have multiple speeds, just like a larger device. Look for speeds ranging from 1,200 repetitions per minute (RPM) to 3,200 RPM. Two to four speeds is standard for mini massage guns. 
  • Force: Just because mini massagers are small doesn’t mean they should skimp on power. To ensure you’ll get the most out of your purchase, choose a mini massage gun that offers at least 30 pounds of force.
  • Battery life: If you want a small massage gun for portability purposes, you’ll probably want a long-lasting battery (the small size does nothing for you if it only lasts half your trip). Look for a device with at least a few hours of battery life, which will last several weeks if you’re using it properly (up to 30 minutes at a time). 
  • Accessories: The best travel-sized percussion guns come with a variety of massage attachments and a carrying case for extra portability. 
Crossfit training with weights and kettlebells
Fit young woman box jumping at a crossfit style gym. Female athlete is performing box jumps at gym.

If you buy a portable massage gun with all of the above features, you can rest assured it’ll perform just as well as a full-sized one, with the added benefit of being travel-friendly.  For an in-depth look at our Ekrin BANTAM mini massage gun, check out this review on Recovatech and this one on GearChase.

Written by Ekrin Athletics Staff